Welcome to the Builders of the Adytum internet radio station.

Dear Fratres and Sorores we are currently undergoing a trial of an internet based radio station. The intent is to provide a means for all our distant members to hear our dearly beloved Soror Ann’s voice. Soror Ann’s’ communicates so much more through the medium of sound that can be recorded in any other way.

Our Soror Ann recorded several hundred lectures from her Sunday services and Thursday night classes from around 1959 to 1973. Several of the Thursday night series were transposed into printed form which is now part of the Builders of the Adytum correspondence lessons.

The initial scheduling is as follows – timings in NZST;

        Each Sunday and Monday – Sunday service collection, running continuously.

        Each Tuesday through Saturday a lecture from one of Soror Ann’s series will be played throughout the week (7am, 10am, 7pm and 10pm).


You can hear the current broadcast and see the weekly schedule below. If you haven’t already done so please join our Facebook Group and share your thoughts and insights with us.


World Clock

Station Calendar

 Please click on the required day on the weekly calendar to see the schedule.